As followers of Jesus Christ at Trinity...

We see, worship that honors and glorifies God. 

  • We envision ourselves and our church creating worship environments that generate true praise in the hearts of God's people, announcing forgiveness and salvation through Christ Jesus, employing worship styles that are culturally relevant, helping each generation to focus on Jesus Christ - His worthiness, and His mercy. 
  • We envision services that communicate God's Word effectively to today's multi-sensory oriented people, using spoken and written word, vocal and instrumental music, and visual arts. 
  • We envision ourselves and our church worshiping God in everyday life, as we seek to live according to His Word in day-to-day circumstances. The living Lord will be honored among us as our daily decisions and actions are conditioned by love for God and love for other people. 

We see the gospel saving lost humanity. 

  • We envision ourselves and our church sharing the glorious good news of Jesus' death and resurrection with thousands of people in and around Columbus - people who are far from God, people who are honestly seeking to know God, and people who believe in God but are not worshiping Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 
  • We envision our church as a place where there's freedom for seekers to engage in an honest investigation of Christian truths - a place where questions are welcomed. 
  • We envision ourselves and our church employing new mission strategies to reach new generations of the unchurched, and finding our place in ministry to and with a community that is ever more radically and culturally divers. 
  • We envision ourselves and our church engaged in mission work in our local community, in our nation and around the world, through financial support, mission trips, and local action with community ministries and organizations. 

We see the Word of God changing our lives. 

  • We envision developing all our people - new believers and established believers - into fully functioning followers of Christ through engaging worship services, creative and relevant classes for children and adults, learning and growing opportunities for teens, special events, small groups, and multiple opportunities for individuals to engage in ministry according to their own unique gifts. 
  • We envision men and women receiving intentional training in order to become leaders who make disciples. 
  • We envision individual believers who are engaged and empowered by faith to shed the baggage of their hurtful past - the shame, guilt, anger or unfulfilled emotional needs that now hinder them in life - and find new life in a relationship with a Heavenly Father who loves them unconditionally.
  • We envision the growth of authentic Christian community in our church through relationships that are built on honesty, trust, bearing one another's burdens, celebration, biblical admonishment, loving encouragement, forgiveness, praying together and unity in worship.