• God showed His love by putting a bright star in the sky to  help the wise men find Jesus.  God also showed His love by keeping Jesus safe.  God shows His love for us too.  The best way God showed His love was by sending  His Son, Jesus.     Matthew 2:1-15
  • The baby Jesus grew, and when He was 12 years old, He traveled with Mary and Joseph to the temple in Jerusalem.  When Mary and Joseph were on their way home they could not find Jesus.  They searched  and found Him in the Temple where  He was talking to the Temple leaders! Luke 2:41-52
  • John the Baptist told people about God's love and how taught them how to obey God.  John's special assignment from God was telling  people about God's Son, Jesus. 
  • Jesus chose 12 friends to be His helpers.  He taught them all about God's love and they told other people!  Matthew 4:18-22  Luke 5:27-28

"Teach me your way, O Lord." Psalm 86:11

FAMILY FUN TIME is a weekly handout for parents.   It is a tool

  for sharing the lesson and even gives ideas for prayer.    Enjoy!  

CHILDREN participate

in advent candle services

3's -Kindergarten video was shown in worship services

DECEMBER 5 & 6 and now is on  https://youtu.be/sdU3s2n6h5w .

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