1. Abraham chose to obey God when God told him to leave his home and travel to a new land.  (Genesis 12:1-8)
  2. Abraham chose to be kind to his nephew, Lot, by giving Lot first choice of land.  (Genesis 13)
  3. God kept His promise to Abraham by giving him a son.
  4. God answered Eliezer's prayer for help in choosing a wife for Isaac.  (Genesis 24)
  5. Isaac showed God's love to his neighbors, instead of arguing with them about wells.  (Genesis 26:12-33)

I can make good choices

FAMILY FUN TIME is a weekly handout for parents.   It is a tool

  for sharing the lesson and even gives ideas for prayer.    Enjoy!   

CHILDREN participate

in advent candle services

This year, the advent presentations by our children & youth

will take the place of our usual Children's Christmas Program.

There have been some changes to create the safest environment for everyone. 

Children will be recording their presentations for the Advent Candle services.

3's -KINDERGARTEN video for Dec 6:

  • The song and skit will be RECORDED ON NOV. 29 in All Stars.
  • Their song will be verse 1 of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel."

Parents, if you have not picked up a CD in All Stars & would like to be familiar with the tune so you can help your child practice, click on link below

Church at home